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Ground Hide with rapid deployment, for taking pictures of birds at ground level.

This Hide is made of a waterproof 150D « oxford » polyester, allying lightness with strength. The Hide is delivered in a carrying bag.


Colour: brown

Pattern: Camo realistic

Period of use: all year round

Size (open):

·         height:  0,75m

·         length:  2,3m

·         width:  0,95m

Size (in its carrying bag):

·         height:  20 cm

·         length:  55 cm

·         width:  20 cm


·         2,65 Kg (in its carrying bag)

This new version of the ground photoblind Hokki has a wider front shooting window, to which this large mesh sleeve can be adapted.

The photoblind Hokki uses the same rapid opening system as on the Tragopan V6 and Monal V2. This system allows one to open the main compartment in a  very short time. The rear part is then stretched using pegs. The rest of the set-up process consists of setting the roof canopy with 4 quick buckles attached by webbing, which allow one to adjust the tension of the canopy, and finally optionally inserting a pole to increase the total volume of the rear part of the Hide.


The roof canopy makes this Hide totally waterproof to rain shower and avoids any condensation inside the main compartment. It also reduces the temperature inside when it is exposed to the sun. Two ventilations, one on the rear and one at the top of the main compartment, are present in order to create air-flow inside the Hide.

A waterproof ground floor is included with this Hide.

The Hokki has 3 main square shooting windows, one in the front and one on each side, all the sleeves and shutters used with the Hokki are compatible with the Tragopan V6 and Monal V2.

The Hokki is delivered with the following sleeves and shutters:

-          an opaque square sleeve with a small integrated zipped opening in order to use a speed-light or survey what is happening outside the Hide. The entire system is fixed by « velcro ».

-          A mesh square sleeve which is also fixed by “velcro”.

-          3 mesh shutters with a slot in the middle and which are fixed by « velcro ».

-          3 opaque shutters zipped to the Hide and which the opening can be freely adjusted. These opaque shutters can be used in addition to the mesh shutter.

The Hide has a single door that can be opened and closed from inside as well as from outside with a thick and silent zipper.


The Hide is delivered with 10 pegs and an explanation notice about how to erect and dismantle the Hide.

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