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The tragopan floating hide is a so-called "rigid" blind.

It is a dense plastic shell, which folds in two for transport and which, once opened, is padlocked by two metal fasteners which solidify the two elements. Solid and imposing, this carriage is reassuring because of its size and load-bearing capacity.  

The floating mount is designed to accommodate a pendulum head (or other) and two slots for your forearms are fitted with black non-slip foam. A cup holder is located on the left side and can accommodate a thermos of tea/coffee or a beer, depending on the time of year.

The tent (and poles) supplied with the hut is attached to the rigid support structure by snaps.

The tent is made of thermal and technical fabric which allows you to observe without being seen (even if you use a headlamp with the windows closed when setting up at dawn).

The multiple windows allow optimal visibility to manage your movements in relation to the birds, without any obstruction. A sleeve holds your lens.
Numerous pockets are present inside the tent, to accommodate your smartphone, memory cards, car keys, ...
On the outside of the tent, there are places to attach vegetation to make it even more discreet. It can also be a 3D cam canvas or a Ghillie.

With a weight of 17  Kg and dimensions of 88cm x 66cm x 35cm it fits in your car without any problem. 

Water rating of the fabric tent: pu 2000mm 

Float capacity: 110Kg

Its use in the field, here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=813851509349437

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