Of course, if you are on this page, you know that TRAGOPAN is a company, a brand of photography blinds and equipment for wildlife photography, but it is above all a species of bird from the pheasant family, which, despite its flamboyant plumage for the male, is extremely discreet in its high altitude forests in Asia.

The origins of the TRAGOPAN company can therefore be traced back to ornithologists. And not just any ornithologist. In the beginning, there were three of them, all of whom had a common passion for cataloguing the bird species of East Asia. However, over the years and the constraints of launching a project of this magnitude, only one remains...

JONATHAN MARTINEZ is passionate about his work and it is after years of field work in China, searching for the rarest and most unlikely

bird species, that he has developed, over the years, more and more efficient blinds.

Indeed, what could be better than to develop a tool to satisfy his passion, to constantly rethink it, to spend time on it to improve its positioning, its colour, its size... for

oneself but afterwards, of course, to make it available to all people with a passion for the natural world. It is now easy to see that the TRAGOPAN mounts and the expanding range of accessories have been designed by a naturalist photographer for naturalist photographers.

You only have to try them out to see for yourself.

Combining lightness and efficiency, they are also designed and made to allow many photographers to equip themselves correctly without ruining themselves.

This is also part of the research for improvement to which Jonathan attaches a lot of importance.

In addition to his own field expertise, Jonathan relies on feedback from his ambassadors and all clients.

This continuous improvement, challenged by several field workers, coupled with an outstanding after-sales service, guarantees you this quest for perfection.

Trying to meet all expectations while keeping the main one in mind:

making yourself invisible to the animals' eyes so that you can observe and photograph them in good conditions.

and his team:

Charles Simon is a linchpin of the project. He answers your questions and takes care of all

the orders.

He is TRAGOPAN's logistician!

With the help of Alban Larousse, his faithful friend and ornithologist, designer and renowned illustrator/watercolourist, he imagines the colours and coatings of the blinds

so that they blend in with nature as well as possible... with his personal touch (look for animals in the textures, there are more than you might think...).

To support TRAGOPAN in its communication and visual supports, Jonathan can count on Espen Helland and Baptiste Bataille. Videos, photos, field tests, various advice...

These two naturalists, active in the four corners of the world, do not hesitate to challenge Jonathan so that you too can benefit from this advice through product development.

and you, yes, every customer who gives constructive feedback, both positive and negative, participates in improving the products, for the benefit of all. Thank you very much.

In addition to camouflage hammers, lenses and accessories, a range called CAMSHIELD completes the offer on the TRAGOPAN website.

CAMSHIELD by TRAGOPAN is the ultimate ally for your optics and field equipment, be it your tripod or camera body.

These protections, the fruit of long field experiments, colours, textures and research, are available at a reasonable price. Your lenses - sometimes very expensive - are now well protected.

No more small layers of neoprene, barely 2 or 3 mm thick, and no more traces of peeling paint!

Maximum protection is now provided by silicone rings and a semi-rigid thermoformed foam that perfectly fits the shape of each of your lenses. From Sigma to Sony, Nikon to Canon...

All optics frequently used for wildlife photography will be protected for the long term.

When we put all our savings into a lens, we like to be reassured that it is protected. Choosing CAMSHIELD means choosing serenity and security.

In addition to this, the four colour variations are matched with TRAGOPAN mounts and allow you to go unnoticed, whether in the snow or in the forest.