VAT included

Colour: Khaki green

Period of use: all year round

Structure material : tube in aluminium, screw and rivets in stainless steel

Material: RIPSTOP polyester

Dimensions (unfolded):

- Roof  height Unfolded: 116 cm

- Roof height Folded: 81 cm

- Seat height: 35 cm

- Width x length of floor: 45 x 46 cm

- Width x length roof: 65 x 59 cm


Dimensions (folded in carry bag):

- height: 85 cm

- length: 25 cm

- width: 20 cm


Weight: 4,3 Kg (in carry bag)

Lagopus S chair only, tent not included 

The LAGOPUS S chair-hide system is our most versatile product to date.  It can be used as a simple camping chair with the roof folded or as a compact and efficient blind when used with the dedicated tent skin (available here). The LAGOPUS chair-hide can also be used with our different camouflage nets, 3D blankets or Ghillie blankets depending on the habitat you are shooting in. The roof provides extra shade from the sun to ensure maximum comfort.


The LAGOPUS S is based on our best selling KOKLASS V2 chair, to which we’ve added a foldable roof. It has two large pockets to store your lenses and other equipment needed for shooting.

The chair and the roof can be unfolded in just a few seconds and nets or camouflage cover can easily be added


The roof of the LAGOPUS S can be also be adjusted to alter the height of the observation window.


Because of its very small footprint and adjustable height, the LAGOPUS S system is the ideal way to blend into the environment and go unnoticed by wildlife.

Some examples in the field:

-          Placed in front of a feeder or a drink station: the LAGOPUS S provides great cover for close-up bird watching and photography (Here        

-          In hedge, woodland edge, or undergrowth with a dense shrub cover, use the 3D cover to blend in with the natural shrubbery  (here)

-          In a mown meadow: place the Ghillie Blanket over the LAGOPUS to fit in seamlessly with the haystacks and grass piles to attract wildlife close to you (here)        

-          In woodland, use the Camouflage Net to go unnoticed amongst the leaf litter and the undergrowth (here)

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