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Techniques and practices are evolving, and at Tragopan we're constantly trying to adapt. With the video craze of recent years, it has become essential to have windows that offer a wider panorama. 

This is now the case with the new TRAGOPAN V7 3-door. What's more, to optimize the use of the isothermal induction of this tent-case, we've worked on the airtightness of its windows, which are now fully zipped, making also life more difficult for mosquitoes thirsty for the blood of wildlife photographers.

The previous version was supplied with a large sleeve, but this new version now has FOUR large sleeves incorporated into the window flaps on all four sides of the Hide. The top of these sleeves can be unzipped to create a small window to keep an eye on what's going on outside above the camera. 

The door mesh sleeve that we've been successfully selling separately is now included with the Hide, replacing the classic mesh sleeve that used to come with it. You'll now have a much wider field of vision. It now attaches to the poles of the tent structure using much more substantial clips.

Last but not least, the feet of the tent poles are now telescopic. The first advantage is that the tent takes up less space when it's folded, but the main advantage is that it's a much lower tent for those who want to photograph while sitting on the ground. Last but not least, by folding out just two of the four telescopic legs, it is now possible to set up the blind on sloping ground, a ditch or an embankment, for example. 

This photo-hide is identical to the model Tragopan V7 but has 3 doors instead of only one. It allows to use more accessories at the same time on the tent, for example it is possible to connect two tents together and have an additional room attached to each of the tents at the same time or have 3 mesh windows fixed and benefits from a better visibility on 3 sides of the hide.

A quick-set-up tent for travelling photographers for short and medium-length sessions. Made from waterproof "150D Oxford" polyester, it's both light and strong, and is covered with an isothermal induction that can lower the temperature by several degrees when the tent is exposed to the sun, or keep the heat inside in winter, saving up to 8 degrees. 

Another special feature of this induction is that it is light-tight, providing complete darkness inside the tent and avoiding the "Chinese shadow" effect when positioned with the back to the sun, or even seeing the photographer inside the tent. For night sessions, it is possible to light a lamp inside the Hide without the light being detectable from outside.

Tragopan has developed a new, realistic undergrowth pattern more suited to the multi-season activity of wildlife photography, incorporating elements of green vegetation in particular. From now on, this material will be the reference material for Tragopan's blinds and their accessories.

This hide has four faces: 3 sides have an access door – made with a silent zipper that can be used from the inside and the outside, and waterproof.  An internal pocket (25 x 18cm), positioned on one of the four sides of the carriage, can be used to store unused sleeves and flaps, or any other lightweight accessory. 

The four sides of the tent all have the same layout and modularity, i.e. : 

A slightly unusual tripod opening that also allows ground-level shooting and the use of a spotting scope with a 45° eyepiece for digiscoping in particular.

This opening consists of a zip with 4 sliders, two central sliders that create the opening for passing a tripod leg outside the mount, a lower slider for opening an inverted T-shaped window 15 cm above the ground and an upper slider for opening a T-shaped window for using a spotting scope with a 45° eyepiece while sitting comfortably.

A wide, rectangular, fully zipped, modular main shooting window

Each main shooting window has a large sleeve incorporated into the shutters. The top half of the sleeve has a zip to create an opening to monitor what's happening outside above the camera. You can therefore have surveillance windows on all 4 sides of the Hide.

To prevent water from running down the camera windows, a flap completely covers the opening from the outside. This flap opens and closes using a cord system that is operated silently from inside the tent. In addition to the cords used to open and close the flaps, a small link with an olive in the middle of the window keeps the flap closed tightly. 

The Hide has two vents that open and close from the inside and 4 attachment points on the outside, halfway up, in each corner to attach 4 wind strings supplied with 4 pegs. It has straps at the base of the 4 corners for anchoring to the ground using 4 additional pegs supplied. It has 4 ropes sewn to the outside of each side of the tent for attaching various camouflage items: branches, foliage, reeds or camouflage netting/blankets.

The Tragopan V7 3-door comes with a large mesh sleeve that covers the entire top half of each side; you can use it either on each shooting window or with the door half open. It clips onto the tent poles.

The tent also comes with 4 mesh screens, which also clip onto the poles. They can be used either to double the thickness of the net when used in addition to the net sleeve, or to create a net screen when the surveillance window of the blackout sleeve is open.

Technical characteristics:

Model: Tragopan V7

Pattern: Understorey

Use: Individual

Period of use: All seasons

Size (open):

· Height:  140cm 

· Length:  125cm

· Width:  125cm

Size (inside the carrying bag): 55x20x20cm

Weight: 3,94kg (in its carrying bag and 3,84kg if you opt for the aluminum stakes)

The Hide is delivered with: a carrying bag, an assembly instructions, eight pegs, one unit of an opaque rectangular sleeve, one unit of a mesh sleeve and four units of mesh screens.

The Tragopan V7 3-door has several accessories that can be added to improve the adaptability to the user needs. These accessories have to be purchased separately and are not included with hide:

Roof canopy for ventilation to avoid condensation inside the hide, also offers protection against the rain to the front of your telephoto lens.

An additional room including a waterproof ground-floor which covers the entire surface of the tent and the vestibule to allow the user to sleep in the hide or shooting at ground level.

An awning, which creates an additional storage area behind the tent, or to lay down on the ground without being seen. This awning can also be used as a canopy for the additional room to avoid condensation when overnighting in the hide. 

A mesh sleeve for the door, creating a wider viewing area.

A connection tunnel, which allows the connection of two hides.

The main advantage of the TRAGOPAN V7 3-door is that several of these accessories can be used simultaneously.

These accessories are not included with the purchase of the Hide and have to purchased separately.

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