VAT included

Roof canopy specifically designed for the Tragopan V6 hide and Tragopan V7 hide.

It expands above the telephoto lens offering greater protection to even large lenses from inclement weather. 

This roof-canopy also avoids condensation when overnighting in the hide.

It is installed with 4 plastic buckles which are fixed on each corner at the base of the hide and with 4 aluminium poles which are inserted into slides located below the edge of the canopy. The tips of each poles are maintained by eye-ring rivets on the hide. 


weight of the roof canopy : 700 gr

The tension of the canopy can be adjusted with the strap attached to the buckles. 

16 strings are arranged on the outside of the canopy for you to attach additional natural vegetation from the local habitat in order to improve the camouflage of the hide.

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