VAT included

This extension to the photoblind Tragopan V5 allows one to sleep or lie inside to take pictures at ground level or even create an additional
sheltered storage area.

It is fastened through a zipper in place of the Tragopan V5 door. It has a waterproof ground floor which covered the extension and the totality of
the Tragopan V5 ground surface as well. The ground floor goes up 15 centimetres on its edge and is fixed on each corner of the Tragopan V5.
This extension is made of similar colour and pattern as the Tragopan V5.

It is delivered with 3 pegs in a small carrying bag which can fit easily inside the carrying bag of the Tragopan V5.
Full size of the Tragopan V5 with the extension:

Length: 215cm
Width: 125cm
Height: 128cm
Weight of the extension only in its carrying bag: 815g
Size of the extension folded in its carrying bag:
Length: 40cm
Width: 10cm
Height: 10cm

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