Hand / Strap carried Rain-cover L

VAT included

Size : 

- maximum length from the front of the lens hood to the eyepiece of the viewfinder : 85 cm

- folded in its pocket: 33,5 x21 cm

- diameter max of lens hood : 20 cm

- Cap size flat: 30,5 x 20.5 cm

Weight :  199 gr in its pouch 

Material : waterproof poly-cotton with water repellent coating, TPU and silicone

Pattern:  understorey all-seasons” camo

This rain cover has been designed for use with super telephoto lenses (400mm F :2,8 / 600mm F :4…). od clamp pointing upwards. It comes with a ¼" mounting screw with a ring that fits onto the leg of the tripod base and allows a strap to be attached so the camera can be slung over the shoulder. 

It attaches to the front of the lens hood with an elastic band, and to the rear with a silicone eyecup that fits around the viewfinder of your camera body. Another silicone eyecup runs along the telephoto lens tripod collar's mounting lug to ensure a perfect seal. The silicone eyecup is very easy to install on the viewfinder of your camera, and is compatible with the eyecups of the various brands of camera available on the market. The back of the cover features a large, flexible, transparent plastic window for viewing the rear screen of your camera, as well as the various controls. All controls buttons can be operated through the cover material and viewing window, which are flexible enough to allow this.  

Our rain hoods feature a cap that attaches to the front of the lens hood, preventing water drops from entering the hood and splashing onto the front lens. It can also be useful for certain backlighting situations to reduce optical flair. It comes with a handy storage pouch for when you need to put the wet cover back in your camera bag.

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