VAT included

Size :      

- maximum length from the front of the lens hood to the eyepiece of the viewfinder : 28 cm

- folded in its pocket: 25 x21 cm

- fully unfolded flat: 64 x 84 cm

Weight :       158 gr      

Material : waterproof poly-cotton with water repellent coating, TPU and silicone     

Pattern:       understorey all-seasons” camo

This rain cover has been designed for use with short focal lengths or small zooms. It is meant to be used with a tripod.

It attaches to the front of the lens hood with velcro and to the back with a silicone eyecup that fits around the viewfinder of your camera. The silicon eyecup can be cut to size if the eyepiece of your camera is too large. The lower part of the cover is held in place by several magnets and 3 velcro straps that form the openings for your hands. The back of the cover has a large transparent plastic window that allows you to see the back screen of your camera as well as the various control buttons. It comes with a handy storage pouch for when you need to put the wet cover back in your camera bag. 

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