Sony 400mm F:2,8 GM OSS

VAT included

Weight :  256 gr (incl lens cap 69 gr)

Materials : rings and wheel caps made of silicon / main body, hood and lens cap are in poly-cotton laminated on a thermo-formed EVA foam (4 mm thickness).

Pattern: choice of four colours “solid brown” and “understory all seasons” camo, solid white and spring too, more pictures are coming for thoses two.



The Lens protector set consists of :

-          silicon rings that cover the various commands buttons and the tripod mount collar.

-          silicon wheel caps that cover the tightened wheels of the hood and tripod mount collar

-          a protection part made of thermoformed EVA foam that covers the main body of the lens with an access to the focus ring through two openings which are opened and closed with press studs.

-          thermoformed EVA foam to protect the lens hood.

-          thermoformed EVA foam lens cap in one piece

-          a strap and a clasp to hold it in place on the lens hood.


The CAMSHIELD protection set is shockproof, helped by the absorption capability of the thick EVA foam which constitutes its main parts. The water repellent treatment protects the lens from occasional risk like snow, morning dew or drizzle.


Special attention has been paid to ensure that no one part of the lens has been left exposed without any protection in order to avoid paint abrasion and scratches, thus to guarantee keep the lens in optimal condition for a possible resale without any depreciation.


The number of parts that constitutes this set has been kept to a minimum to limit the risk of infiltration from dust and water in the interstices of the lens, especially in the focus ring.


The stiffness of the EVA foam confers a great advantage, offering a perfect shape on the lens which will keep its shape over time, unlike neoprene for example.

The silicon parts enables easy access and control of various settings buttons of the lens, such as the focus and stabilisation mode or the autofocus range, even while wearing gloves.


The access to the focus ring is possible through two openings in the main body part which are covered by two cowls fixed with press studs. Another press stud is located on the outside of one of the cowls to keep them in open position pressed again the lens body (see image).

The lens cap is held in the closed position on the hood front with a strap and a clasp, which helps also to keep it below the hood in open position or to be used as a ground level support for the lens by fixing it on the main body.

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