Charge-compensating camera sliding strap

VAT included

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This strap allows you to transfer the weight of your camera onto the shoulder straps of your backpack. It has three hook-and-loop fasteners, one at each end of the strap, which attach to special rings on the Tétras 500 V4 backpack (but also present on many backpack models on the market), at the top on the front of the shoulder straps at chest level and at the bottom at the base of the straps connecting the shoulder straps to the backpack. If your backpack doesn't have a ring at the bottom, you can attach the hook-and-loop fastener directly to the backpack straps. The hook and loop fastener in the middle slides freely along the strap and attaches to the lens tripod collar or to the camera via a ¼ screw fitted with a ring (not supplied with the strap). The weight of the camera and telephoto lens is therefore transferred to the shoulder straps of the backpack and improves carrying comfort. 

The hook and loop fasteners  have a steel core protected by plastic parts, so their strength is foolproof!

Colour: Brown

Strap maximum length : 84 cm

Weight : 90 gr

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