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Hide with rapid deployment, for the itinerant photographer, for short to half-short session time.

This Hide is made of a waterproof 150D « oxford » polyester, combining lightness with strength, by using an isotherm PU coating on the fabric the temperature inside the Hide is reduced by several degrees when exposed to the sun. This coating is also light-proof offering a total darkness inside the Hide and so avoiding shadow of the photographer to be seen outside when the Hide is positioned in front of the sun.

The Hide is delivered in a carrying bag which is large enough to place all the accessories mentioned below (additional room, roof-canopy…) in addition to the Hide.

Pattern: Understorey

Period of use: all year round

Water rating: pu 2000mm 

Size (open):

·   height:  1m42

·   length:  1m30

·    width:  1m15

Size (in its carrying bag):

·    height:  20 cm

·    length:  68 cm

·    width:  25 cm


·         3,3 Kg 

This new version of the Tragopan Hide has the same innovative opening system as the V5 which greatly reduces the set-up time in comparison to the classical “pop up” system. This system is also much easier to fold back.


Tragopan has designed a new realistic Camo pattern more suitable for the multi-season use by the wildlife photographer, in particular by including green vegetation. Going forward, this new pattern will be the default pattern for all Tragopan Hides and accessories.


All the windows have been redesigned to fix two weak points on previous models: waterproofness, and making the windows quieter to open and close or set up and remove the sleeves. 

To avoid water leaking along the shooting windows, we’ve added a screen which entirely covers the shooting window from outside. This screen is opened with two ropes that can be operated silently from inside the Hide.

The various sleeves and mesh screen are now fixed using small clips which replace the “Velcro” tape and zipper, which were too noisy.


The small survey windows which were another source of leaking have been replaced by small sleeves that can be opened and closed with a small rope and will fit a small telephoto lens (e.g. 400 F/5,6) or binoculars. These windows give the photographer improved visibility around the hide.


The Hide has two ventilation windows on the top, which can be closed or opened from inside.

The Hide comes with 4 guy wires and 8 pegs. 4 pegs may be used to fix it to the ground using the webbing strap at the base of each corner, and an additional 4 pegs in case of strong winds to reinforce the stability of the Hide.

On each side of the Hide a total of 4 thin cords are stitched outside of the Hide to improve the camouflage by allowing the photographer to attach additional natural elements from the environment e.g. leaves, branches, grasses. 

The Hide has a single door that can be opened and closed from inside as well as from the outside with a silent zipper. 

There is a storage pocket inside the Hide of 25 x 18cm.


All of the four sides of the Hide have the same configuration of windows and opening:


-        A low level opening to allow placement of a tripod leg outside the Hide. This opening also facilitates taking images at ground level, as well as using a 45° eyepiece scope for digiscoping. This opening is made of a zip with 4 zippers. The 2 zippers in the middle create the opening for the tripod leg. The one below creates an inverted T shape window at 15 cm above the ground, and the one on the top creates a T shape window which is ideal for a 45° eyepiece scope from a comfortable position.


-          One main rectangular window which fit the removable sleeves and screens described below.


-          Every main window has a small window sleeve at eye level to survey outside of the Hide which can be operated with a thin rope and a stopper. These sleeves can be fixed open and close silently.



The Tragopan V6 is delivered with a set of removable windows and sleeves:

-        an opaque rectangular sleeve with a small integrated zipped opening which is ideal for a speedlight or simply for observation. The entire system is fixed by small clips. This sleeve is also sold separately here.

-        A mesh rectangular sleeve fixed by small clips. This sleeve can also be purchased separately here.

-      4 mesh screens with a slot in the middle which are fixed by small clips.


The Hide is delivered with assembly instructions.


The Tragopan V6 has several accessories that can be added to improve the comfort or change this Hide into a camping tent or even connecting two Hides together (these accessories have to be purchased separately and are not included with the Hide) :

-          a roof canopy for ventilation to avoid condensation inside the Hide and offers protection against the rain to the front of your telephoto lens, see here


-          an additional room including a waterproof ground-floor which covers the entire surface of the tent and the vestibule to allow you to sleep in the Hide or shooting at ground level, see here


-          an awning, which creates an additional storage area behind the tent, or to lie on the ground without being seen. This awning can also be used as a canopy for the additional room to avoid condensation when overnighting in the Hide, see here.


-          a mesh sleeve for the door, creating a wider viewing area see here


-          a connection tunnel, which allows the connection of two Hides together, see here

stronger and lighter aluminium pegs are available for sale here 

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