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The photoblind V+ with Sylvain Tardy

Thanks to Sylvain Tardy for this photo taken from the V+ with a 300mm F:4 Nikon.


Writing from Mr.TARDY 


Searching for a simple hide, easy to open, use, bring and close, I have bought and used the V+ hide
in my garden last August. Sparrows and goldfinches were busy to eat on sunflowers I sowed for
them. As I had no much time, it was a good moment to test my hide.
I just installed the hide one or two days before in front of sunflowers, in order to birds became
familiar with.
After less than an hour in the hide with good light, I had the chance to take some pictures. With just a
300mm F4 Nikon and the combo tripod/ball joint from my telescope…With wat’s avalaible !
Easy to install, to close (thanks to Tragopan for the video !), the V+ hide is suitable for me. Confort is
OK, space avalaible is enough for my 1,80 meters, for a good seat and other things (binoculars,
backpacks…). Windows are wisely arranged to look around, too. After one or two showers and dews,
there was no problem. I plan to use my V+ close by bird tables this winter and in more difficult
situations, when time will be free ! Then I will post my opinion.
I any case, V+ is a really good hide for naturalists like me, who want to observe at close range with
not much time available and a correct but not profesionnal photographic equipment. More, this
simple hide offers a really good quality for a very reasonnable price. I think it could enable non
profesionnal naturalists like me to have lots of satisfactions.

Thanks to Jonathan and Aurélien for their advices and their kindness. 

Sylvain Tardy

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