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Reference: Barres pour affut Tragopan V2 / V3 / V4


Set of 2 poles designed especially for Hide tragopan V2, V3 et V4

These poles, in aluminium pre-curved, are much stronger and easier to set up than roof-pole in glass fiber.

The tip of each poles comes into folded webbing at half-height of each corner inside the Hide. They allow to bulg the roof and increase the height of the Hide of about 10 cms. They are of faculative use but stronly recommanded in case of heavy rain or if it is planned to leave the Hide in the field for several days. They will avoid water to get accumulated on the roof and will be appreciated by tall people.

Note : These poles are now delivered together with the Hide Tragopan V3 and V4. On  V2, they were made of recycled glass fiber.


9,00 €

9,00 €